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The Most Durable Siding Options for Tiny Homes

Part of a social movement centered on living more simply, tiny homes encourage people to simplify their lives and find freedom in paring down their possessions to the necessities. "Living small" also comes from the desire to be more ecologically aware, reduce waste and lower energy costs.

But just like typical homes, tiny homes require protection from the elements. A durable exterior that lasts is essential, and that’s where tiny home siding comes in. Let’s take a look at a great option for tiny house siding—LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding, one of the most durable house siding solutions available, backed by years of proven performance on typical homes, sheds and more.

What Is the Best Siding for a Tiny House?

Keep in mind that tiny house exterior siding involves the same principle as siding for a typical home: the most durable house siding is ideal. The best siding for a tiny house will resist impact, water intrusion and decay from mold, fungus and insects like termites.

Tiny homes are often designed intentionally with renewable resources, so engineered wood siding—made from aspen logs—can help you build your tiny home sustainably. Companies like LP manufacture siding under Sustainable Forestry Initiative® standards for certified forest management, and 99% of each log is used during the manufacturing process.

Tiny House Siding Ideas

Tiny homes offer a great chance to be creative with siding design ideas to get an exterior look that is just as unique as the home’s interior. Siding is one of the most versatile parts of a home’s design—from color to texture and type, you can truly create a look all your own.

To jump-start your tiny house siding ideas, cedar texture and smooth siding both lead to distinct looks. Cedar texture tends to be used for rustic and traditional lap siding, while smooth siding creates clean, modern lines. Panel and vertical siding can be used for the popular board and batten style as a nod to modern farmhouse siding, and shakes can be used on design details like eaves to draw the eye to unique portions of the home.

Tiny house siding options also include color. While your home will stand out on its own, why not experiment with an exterior look that even further breaks the mold? Whether it’s a crisp white, a bold red or even a daring black, siding is a chance to bring color to bear on your design.

The Home Visualizer is a helpful siding visualizer tool that will allow you to play with different engineered wood siding styles and tiny home siding ideas. Gather some modern design examples and see what you like best!

LP SmartSide siding adds style to this tiny home

Choose LP SmartSide Siding for Your Tiny Home

LP SmartSide Trim & Siding represents the best choice for tiny house exterior siding as one of the most durable siding solutions on the market. Check out these reasons why:

  • Advanced Durability: LP’s proprietary SmartGuard® manufacturing process offers four components of protection in every LP SmartSide product. The wood used to create LP SmartSide products is treated with adhesive resins, water-resistant waxes and zinc borate, as well as an overlay bonded to each piece. With these elements, LP SmartSide products resist water damage, termites, fungal decay, impact, wind and more. With options like vinyl siding, hail damage can lead to repairs and more investment, so a durable option like LP SmartSide siding can help you prevent repairs in the future.
  • Backed by an Industry-Leading Limited Warranty: LP shows its confidence in its siding product with a 5/50-year limited warranty that leads the industry. LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish® Trim & Siding products also boast an additional 15-year finish limited warranty.
  • Ideal for Any Design: LP SmartSide Trim & Siding’s wide variety of textures and products allows you to use tiny home siding to create your dream home. LP SmartSide ExpertFinish products also come prefinished in 16 versatile colors, from classic neutrals to out-of-the-box options like black, red and dark blue.

Check out our trim and siding product page to explore our variety of timeless, durable LP SmartSide product offerings.

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