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How to Take Advantage of Popular Shed Trends and Add to Your Backyard

Have you ever considered adding a shed to your backyard? Lately, homeowners like you are thinking beyond storage sheds and instead are using these spaces as offices, gyms and more.

With the flexibility that comes from building with LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® you can add a beautiful shed to your backyard, complete with one of the most durable siding options available, LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding, which also leads to easier siding maintenance.

Read on to find a few of today’s leading uses for backyard sheds so you can get inspired and learn how to get your own shed project started!

Backyard Sheds on the Rise

According to a 2021 Consumer Practices Survey conducted by Home Innovation Research Labs, households adding outdoor living structures increased 21% in 2020 compared to 2019’s numbers. Why such a significant increase?

As was the case for many consumer trends in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has much to do with the change. More time at home, a shift in available activities, and the need for increased square footage all led to more families needing outdoor structures—including sheds. And this is a trend we don’t expect to go away.

5 Leading Ways to Use a Backyard Shed

While sheds are still being sold and built for storage, homeowners continue to get more inventive with how their sheds can be used. Remember, always check with your local codes department for requirements and allowances for cohabitation, occupancy, sizing, wiring and more before building. Here are a few top trends for backyard sheds:

  1. Offices: Instead of working at the kitchen table, a dedicated workspace can help boost productivity as a long-term solution. An office shed is the perfect way to create a separate area for work while still remaining safe at home. Check out the office shed we built with blogger and farmhouse décor specialist Liz Marie Galvan for some extra inspiration.
  2. Schoolrooms: Virtual learning and homeschooling continue to be common. An area designed just for schoolwork can help kids focus and encourage times of learning and engagement.
  3. Gyms: A backyard shed-turned-gym is great for housing a small TV, a yoga mat or an exercise bike. It can become an energizing space to recharge away from the grind of day-to-day life. Be sure to check with your shed builder and with local code requirements to see whether flooring modifications are needed to handle additional weight from gym equipment.
  4. Side Hustle Spaces: Build and design your shed shop with your specific needs in mind and plenty of space to store supplies. Head there to work without distractions!
  5. Hobbies and Crafts: A space for you to continue a fun new practice can encourage mindfulness, rest and relaxation, and it can be built to fit the needs of your hobby, whether it’s painting, pottery or crocheting.

Designer Liz Marie uses a shed as an office space.

 Which shed trend aligns with the type of space that would serve you and your family best? Read on to find out how to make it a reality.

Make Your Shed Durable and Longer-Lasting 

Adding an outdoor space to your home has never been easier-and it all starts with LP Outdoor Building Solutions. Our products give you peace of mind that your shed will be built to last.

Our sheds can be built with LP SmartSide Trim & Siding, one of the most durable siding solutions available on the market today. If you’re looking for one of the best sidings for cold climates, LP SmartSide siding fits the bill. It’s also great for hot and humid climates and for resisting damage from more extreme weather events.

Manufactured with our proprietary SmartGuard® process, LP SmartSide siding is built to resist impacts, termites, fungal decay, moisture and more. Additionally, siding maintenance with LP SmartSide products is minimal. Even if you have to clean mildew off siding the job will be easy, and typical maintenance requires only an annual visual check and easy cleaning. 

LP sheds can also be built with LP® ProStruct® Roof Sheathing with SilverTech®, which reduce the sun’s radiant energy through the shed roof. This helps make your shed space comfortable and cool. LP ProStruct Flooring with SmartFinish® includes a durable overlay for a clean, professional finish, which is important when you’re using your shed as more than a storage site. 

Together, these products create a durable, beautiful shed space that you’ll love to retreat to, whether for work, a hobby or to get some exercise. 

How to Add a Shed to Your Backyard

You can design your dream structure with our shed visualizer, browse our galleries for inspiration, and even estimate the size of shed you’ll need. We also have a helpful list of Frequently Asked Questions to review during the planning process.

Ready to get started? Reaching out is easy—just contact us here, and you’ll be on your way to a new space you’ll love for years to come.

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