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Selecting LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding with Liz Marie Galvan

Re-siding your home is a significant investment and a long-term decision on your home's look. One of the first steps to siding a house is choosing a siding material that fits your needs. Being involved as you review types of siding and cost can give you confidence in your plans and peace of mind that the materials you choose are built to last.

We’ve joined Liz Marie Galvan of the Liz Marie Blog for a peek into her journey toward choosing LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish® Trim & Siding for her upcoming home re-siding project. You’ll find tips, tricks and tools to use as you plan your own re-side and consider engineered wood exterior siding for your project. 

The LP® SmartSide® Home Visualizer

“Redoing siding is such a huge decision to make,” says Galvan. In her experience even if you think you know what you want or have a rough idea of what will look best, it’s still difficult to take the plunge and decide. That’s where the LP SmartSide Home Visualizer comes in.

This helpful siding visualizer tool allows users to upload a photo of their own home or use a modern design example. From there, it's easy to choose sections of the home and apply different types and colors of siding along with other claddings, such as brick and stone.

"To be able to get that idea displayed on a photo of my own home really helped me sleep at night," says Galvan. "To drive my vision home, I went through nearly all of the other options, styles and colors to make sure the siding look I wanted fit my home."

With the siding visualizer tool from LP SmartSide Trim & Siding, it’s easier than ever to plan your re-side and ensure you’re getting the look you want.

Designer Liz Marie Galvan uses LP SmartSide Home Visualizer

Engineered Wood & Durability 

Many homeowners wonder "is siding a good investment?" They consider this especially when they're in their forever homes. Galvan saw durability as a key factor in her investment.

"The durability of LP SmartSide siding is one of the biggest driving factors in my decision to re-side my house," Galvan adds. "We are fully planning on this home being our forever home, so having longer-lasting durable siding to keep the elements outside and the structure of our home safe and sound, while also keeping true to the farmhouse look, was really important."

As one of the most durable siding solutions on the market today, LP SmartSide siding products surpass the durability of other popular siding options due to the LP® SmartGuard® Process, our proprietary manufacturing process that adds strength at the core of each piece of siding. With zinc borate, advanced binders, resins and a resin-saturated overlay, every piece of LP SmartSide Trim & Siding is treated to resist harsh weather and keep moisture out. 

“Living in Michigan, where we see all four seasons, we wanted siding that was dependable and durable through any weather,” Galvan adds. “LP SmartSide siding was the best choice because it offers protection against hail, wind and moisture.”

Designing With Unique Style and Color

Galvan's personal style played a big role in her siding selections. "Our mission of our 1800s farmhouse is to bring the historic, authentic features and inspirational looks back to the home," she adds. After the home was remodeled in the 1980s, some of Galvan's favorite elements of the home were removed. However, "I have been updating our home to fit our style, trying to make it fit my family's needs, while also paying homage to the 1800s, when it was originally built."

LP SmartSide ExpertFinish products were the perfect fit for the modern farmhouse siding Galvan needed to achieve her style goals for the home. While there are many popular siding colors out there, Galvan chose the classic, crisp Snowscape White to match the farmhouse look and her personal style. Because it is prefinished, LP SmartSide ExpertFinish siding goes onto the home without the need to paint after installation.

Despite building an outdoor office shed with LP products, Galvan was new to the re-side process. “Because we do mostly interior renovation, we don’t have a significant amount of experience in siding design,” Galvan says. “But LP SmartSide siding and the siding visualizer allowed us to look at different reveals to see just how we wanted our lap siding to look.” She could try out many trending exterior house colors and styles to see what best achieved the authentic farmhouse look.

Ready to Re-Side

With her selections made, Galvan's home is ready for a re-side! Combining its advanced durability with classic modern farmhouse aesthetics, LP SmartSide Trim & Siding is sure to be an excellent solution. Look for Part 2 of this series for the big reveal, coming soon!

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