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Reducing Construction Waste With LP® Structural Solutions

In the construction industry, it’s well known that waste on the jobsite is a significant issue. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 600 million tons of construction and demolition debris were generated in the United States alone in 2018. While demolition represents the majority of this debris, construction waste contributes about 10 percent—and the industry can do its part to reduce that number year by year. 

Designed to Defend Your Build®, the LP® Structural Solutions portfolio is manufactured sustainably with minimizing impact on the planet in mind, which includes minimizing construction waste. Let’s take a deeper look into this issue and learn how LP can help you build with efficiency in order to reduce waste.

What Is Construction Waste?

Construction waste includes materials generated when new or existing structures are built or renovated. A wide range of materials can be part of this process, including wood, concrete, metals, brick, glass, plastic and more. Products such as doors, windows, plumbing fixtures and drywall (gypsum) can end up as waste if part of a building is demolished during the renovation process.  

Construction Waste Management

With so many materials involved during a construction project, it’s critical to have a plan for construction waste management before you step on the jobsite. When you work to reduce waste not only does it reduce your impact on the environment, but it can also help reduce overall expenses from more accurate ordering and fewer waste disposal costs. 

One powerful way to reduce construction waste is to spec building products that are designed with sustainability in mind. At LP, each initiative, product and decision is linked to minimizing waste, protecting the environment, and optimizing the resources we use. 

How to Reduce Construction Waste

Sometimes, reducing construction waste starts with a change in mindset. Are you thinking of construction waste as simply part of the job, or do you actively work to reduce it? Take a step back and evaluate your jobsite practices. See if you can identify parts of your process that could be optimized or changed in order to reduce waste.

A change of the products you use also may be in order. If you’re not using sustainable products, consider trying the LP Structural Solutions portfolio. Made with a renewable resource, LP engineered wood products represent the company’s commitment to sustainability

The LP Structural Solutions portfolio can help reduce the amount of waste on construction sites. Each product is built to withstand temporary exposure to the elements, helping you to use what you order, even after normal weather delays. LP products also come in a wide variety of common sizes so you can practice accurate ordering for each jobsite, which helps to reduce waste. 

Reducing construction waste happens at all parts of the process, and product selection is a great place to start. Review the complete LP Structural Solutions portfolio here.

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