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Benefits of Proof for Builders When Choosing Building Products

When you’re considering how to choose building products, it can be tough to determine whether claims a manufacturer makes are true. You need the product to perform on the jobsite as it’s intended without issues that lead to callbacks, delays or even re-builds. 

That’s why brand proof points are so critical and why LP Structural Solutions prioritizes ensuring our products are tested and proven to perform. We want to make sure that when you choose our products, you can bring them to your builds with confidence. Let’s take a closer look at our products, tests they’ve been through, and testimonials from other builders.

Testing Brand Proof Points in the Lab

At LP, we’re committed to extensive product testing to be considered one of the best building product manufacturers—even testing that goes beyond industry requirements. We want you, the builder, to have the utmost confidence in your investment when you purchase our products for your builds, and we can help do that by going above and beyond. 

For example, we’ve tested LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring at the University of Maine. The research team tested all facets of the product, from fastener holding to moisture resistance, against commodity OSB and plywood. Taking it a step further, the team also put the product through a full year of moisture exposure and a “step challenge,” simulating 50,000 steps on the product. After all these tests and challenges, the team found that the fastener holding capacity was virtually unchanged. Check out the journey in the video below:


Testing Products in the Field for Examples of Brand Proof Points

We’ve also taken steps to ensure real building professionals are testing our products in the field, putting our solutions through their paces in ways they choose for examples of our brand’s proof points. Kyle Stumpenhorst, owner of RR Buildings, completed his own deflection test with LP Legacy sub-flooring. “I do believe, even though you can’t see it, when you feel the difference, it really hits home,” he says. “When you do a project with LP Legacy sub-flooring, you definitely notice how stiff and solid that floor feels once it’s done.”

Stumpenhorst also tested the moisture resistance of LP Legacy panels in a three-week submersion test. In this extreme circumstance, the surface and tongue-and-groove system of LP Legacy panels held up. Check out the full test in the video below:

Another building professional, Jordan Smith of Smith House Company, tested LP WeatherLogic® Air & Water Barrier to see how it performed after being submerged underwater. He reveals how the water-resistive overlay of the LP WeatherLogic panels helps keep water out of otherwise unprotected OSB. See the test here.

Smith also demonstrated how LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier works by building two identical doghouses—one with LP TechShield sheathing installed correctly. Watch below to see the product work:

Why Focus on Brand Proof Points?

LP Building Solutions isn’t simply in the business of creating an option for you to use—we want to create products that exceed your expectations. And we can tell you what our products do—but it’s better if we prove it before you make a commitment. We know your time, money and labor is valuable, and we want to ensure we’re helping you grow your business, streamline your processes, and deliver incredible results to your customers. We’re about Building a Better World, proven by the LP® Structural Solutions portfolio in real tests that reveal durability, longevity and resiliency. 

Visit our product testing playlist on YouTube to see more of the LP Structural Solutions portfolio in action.

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